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Literacy champions graduate annually
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School book clubs in public primary schools
Throughout the African continent, 9/10 school going children between the age of 6-12 can barely read and comprehend a simple literacy level one book.

What we do


Read to Learn Foundation’s Literacy Champions Fellowship – an empowering journey that ignites the spark of change in young hearts, shaping them into compassionate leaders of tomorrow.</p> <p>Imagine a fellowship that goes beyond the pages of books, transforming the lives of young people aged 12-18 in Uganda. Our Literacy Champions Fellowship is a transformative experience that nurtures the potential within each participant, empowering them to create lasting impact in their communities.

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Our work in refugee camps and settlements targets at risk communities where children and youths are experiencing or are at risk of abandonment, neglect or exploitation; we focus on providing positive sustainable programs that enhance literacy and numeracy development.

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Step into a world where the power of books creates ripples of change, where communities come together to ignite the flames of literacy. Welcome to our Community Book Clinics, where pages breathe life into young minds and unlock endless possibilities.

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Impact Stories

Impact for us isn’t just about numbers, it’s about the names and dreams behind each number and we would like to tell you about an ambitious girl called Tinah.

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Our Partners

Sponsor A book Clinic
Sponsor A Refugee Community
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