Tina’s Story

Tina’s Story

Impact for us isn’t just about numbers, it’s about the names and dreams behind each number and we would like to tell you about an ambitious girl called Tinah.

 With many dreams but little less hope, Tinah like most young people from slum communities was looking for wings to live opportunities. She comes from the community of Nsambya in a slum within Kampala and lives in an alcoholic household where she and her siblings struggle to make a living.

At the launch of the literacy champions fellowships amidst the closure of schools, Tinah joined Read to Learn Foundation as a volunteer supporting the team to create content aimed at teaching reading, writing, and spelling in her community. At the end of her fellowship term, she got awarded a scholarship courtesy of our partnership with Rise Uganda. 

With the scholarship came an opportunity to attain decent education, Tinah relocated to a better school and continued to serve her community as a literacy champion. She also took on the challenge to support her 2 younger siblings who weren’t doing so well in school by providing them an avenue to learn better how to read, write and spell.  To date – her siblings’ performance in school have greatly improved.  With more of her time spent improving herself and also educating other young children, Tinah’s life change has also impacted the decisions that her previously alcoholic father would make. To date , he is a more inspiring and intentional father figure that supports his family more.Doreen joined the literacy champions in 2020 and lived with her 2 siblings. Her brother and sister. She took on the challenge of teaching them reading, writing, and spelling 

Tinah comes from Nsambya, her dad was an alcoholic , all dropped out of school . She became a champion , herself change behavioral and self confidence . Teaching her siblings writing , reading and spelling . Her dream is to become an heir hostess , her ripple effect on the family and the dad reduced the drinking.