About Us

About Us

Our story

Founded in 2017 by Hasfa Mago, Book drive -Read to Learn Foundation is an indigenous       Ugandan women-led nonprofit organization focused on early literacy development with an emphasis on the creation of community-driven and led interventions. Inspired by personal experience, Hasfa Mago initially, the organization was a business entity that focused on the production and sale of children’s content in form of storybooks and libraries, however, with constant interaction with the different communities we noticed a great need for early literacy development interventions in low-income households, especially in underserved communities. Due to their economic status, the majority of the households couldn’t afford and the mission to ensure all children have access regardless of their socio- economic situation led to the transition from business focused to social enterprise.

We consist of a dynamic, passionate, and committed team that believes in the power, potential, and future of every young person.Nationally, our interventions work to contribute to the National Development Plan 111(NDP 111) on human capital development by enhancing the skills and abilities of the country’s population and on a global scale directly relate to the 2015 Sustainable development goals (SDGs), goal 4 on equality of education, goal 5 on gender equality and goal 17 on partnerships.

Our Vision

We Envision: 

         “ A world where every child has access to the right start in their education journey”

Our Mission

To empower communities in all their diversities with the right tools, skills, and resources to enable them to access the right early literacy development programs”

Our slogan

For every Child’s right steps”/”Books Are Toys Too”


The Foundation espouses the following values that guide us: 

  1. Community-centered: We work for every child and believe a community that ‘reads’ is informed, exposed, and equipped with the knowledge to scrape history and ‘write’ a better story for itself. We build and empower communities to re-awaken themselves.
  2. Transparency and Openness: We believe in a culture of honesty and therefore employ an open-door policy where all staff, volunteers,  and partners can freely communicate with each other. 
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity: We are aware of the fact that every child is different and unique and so are each of the communities that we work in. The Foundation recognizes the uniqueness that diversity plans and ensures to reach every child even those in the last mile.
  4. Collaborations & Partnerships: We believe team effort achieves much more than an individual’s work and therefore promotes teamwork, utilizing the opportunities and expertise that different institutions bring on board to complement our work.