The Book Drive Store

The Read to Learn Foundation strives to create sustainable plans in its fight to enhance literacy levels in Uganda. And as such, we developed a number of literacy products that are sold to different tiers from families, to schools, NGOs and corporate companies. The profits garnered from store are then invested right back into making sure the Foundation community projects are smoothly running.

Our Products Include

1. Books

The Foundation publishes a series of authentically curated, African social cultural context story books designed to encourage learning. We have proven that if the books are amusing, relatable and written based on social scenarios that the children identify with, they will adopt a better reading culture at an early age.

  • Story books: For Aspiration, Inspiration and Imagination.
  • Workbooks: Education in the forms of acquiring problem solving skills, information and enlightenment.
  • Learning Charts: Mastering illustration and nurturing creativity.

2. Home / school library setups

The Foundation in the spirit of making reading interesting, adopted the idea of setting up flambouyant library spaces in homes and schools with the aim of bringing the books closer to the children and giving them an experience that encourages reading and literacy development. Hour libraries include:

  • The mini’s – specifically designed for 1 to 5-year-olds to nurture literacy development during their early years of development while promoting mobility and sensory development through the toys and games incorporated in the library package.
  • The Play House – caters for the age of 6 to 12 years. Stocked with retable books that cater to the child’s reading, spelling and writing development while nurturing and promoting creativity and imagination.
  • The READ library – specifically designed for schools and children’s foundation with shelving that directly communicates the message. It caters to all ages and accommodates space for books and training material for both the parents and teachers.

3. Wooden and crafted toys

Crafted and wooden African inspired toys to nurture imagination and literacy development while encouraging play and lessening the time infants spend consuming non-educative TV or phone material. .

4. Stationary

Designed with an African touch to promote the love for our continent. Our stationary includes:

    • Success cards
    • Book marks
    • Journals
    • Reading stars

5. Parents / Caretakers literacy programs

Designed to educate parents and care givers on the different techniques they can use to develop and promote literacy development in homes and schools.