Peter Akawung

Peter Akawung

I am the Managing Director of Cosmos Educational Press Ltd and Founder of Paige Textbook Distributors. CEPL was registered in 1982 and has a strong presence in Cameroon, Principally CEPL works with both internal and
external authors to develop educational materials and publish Textbooks for schools in Cameroon ranging from Kindergarten to High school. In the year 2002 CEPL launched in Ghana, and this marked the first time it operated out of Cameroon, subsequent years to come it has been
directly involved with publishing in Gabon, Nigeria, Tchad and Ivory Coast.


Publishing model with a focus on financial strategy, operations and partnerships.

Sales, marketing & distribution strategies for all store items.

KPIs and quality control measures for the store. Orgarnisational goal setting with a focus on the store for 2023.

2033 expansion strategies.