Does your kid know that the Fun Reading Days are back??!

DesignDoes your kid know that the Fun Reading Days are back??!

Does your kid know that the Fun Reading Days are back??!

Reading is one of the most important skills that your child should develop. Not only will it help with cognitive development, but also improves vocabulary and communication skills, and increases knowledge on various topics. Many children find reading to be a chore, which is why at the book drive store, we are making reading fun and engaging through what we dubbed “Fun Reading Days”.


The Fun Reading Days comprise literacy and numeracy learning and also introduce children to other valuable life skills. The activities include group reading, learning about savings, painting, baking, and other fun activities that keep you entertained while learning.


During the book reading sessions, children get to engage with various books, exploring different genres and styles. This helps them to develop their reading skills and explore their creativity through different stories. Children also get to learn about the importance of savings and financial management through interactive activities. This equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their finances effectively and prepares them for future financial decisions. 

If you believe that this skill set would come in handy for your kid, you should definitely have him/her participate in our first fun reading day activities.


All of the activities that we conduct on such days carry great value on a child’s growth as far as literacy development is concerned. For instance, painting and baking activities provide these youngsters with the opportunities to express themselves creatively while learning new skills. To break it further, painting stimulates the children’s imagination and helps to build their confidence in expressing their feelings and thoughts, whereas baking, on the other hand, teaches children practical life skills such as measuring, mixing, and following instructions, which can be applied in other areas of their lives.


Being a parent, it is only right to be worried about your child’s safety but you need to be rest assured because fun reading day activities are held in a safe and inclusive environment, where children are free to express themselves, make new friends and have fun while learning. By making learning fun, the Book Drive Store is encouraging children to love reading and learning, which ultimately contributes to their overall personal growth and development.

In conclusion, the Fun Reading Days activities offered by the Book Drive Read to Learn Foundation is an excellent way for children to learn, grow and develop valuable life skills in a fun and engaging way. The activities help to promote literacy, creativity, financial management, and practical life skills in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Join us for the Fun Reading Day and give your child the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun.


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Written By: James Ocen, Communications Manager-Read to learn Foundation.